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Poker in our lives

Poker is actually a pretty fair metaphor for life. There's always risk but there's always reward available for that risk. Patience, good decision-making and a long-term view always pay off.

We met in mid-1997 at an Internet poker table and have been serious students of the game at least that long. We have developed and taught (to rave reviews!) a course in the fundamentals of serious poker since 2002.

New this year are a second, more advanced level of the Serious Poker course, and a full-day seminar suitable for corporate training that uses No-Limit Texas Hold'em as an environment in which to teach correct behavior in high-risk high-reward environments. Email us for more info about this seminar. We can also run a fun tournament for your company party... email for info.

Below are a few of the poker-related resources we find valuable.

The Rules of Poker

Casino-style poker is a game with some additional rules and conventions over & above the beer-sodden games we played in college.  These rules exist to factor out luck, as far as possible, and to ensure a fair game for everyone playing.  Robert Ciaffone, noted poker writer, has assembled these rules into book form and made it freely available on the Internet.  Download a copy here.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open this document, which may be found here.

Local Poker Sites

A local site with mostly cogent discussion of poker strategy. Majority of the participants are from Rochester or Buffalo.

Buffalo Poker
Games & tourneys in the Buffalo area.

Informational Sites & Vendors

Abdul Jalib on HoldEm
Abdul writes extensively on poker, especially Texas Hold'Em. This stuff is not for the faint of heart, it is VERY technical.  My recommendation is... skim it now, take a little bit from it, when you are ready for more, go back and read it again.  First feature you'll most likely benefit from is his starting hands table. Yet another opinion.

Card Player magazine
The monthly publication of record for the poker community. They also sponsor cruises that have a heavy emphasis on poker-playing.... ("Port? What port? I'm in a hand! Can't you see there's $1,200 in this pot?")

Conjelco is a purveyor of... well... every poker book you're likely ever to need. Chuck Weinstock takes care of his customers with a personal touch that no Amazon can possibly match.
Casino-style chips in cases, cards, tables... some very good deals.

An all-purpose informational site about poker.  News and instruction.  Lots of ads.

Poker Pages
PokerPages publishes a great email newsletter on what's shaking in the world of serious poker, and also hosts a lot of very nice freeroll tournaments.  You can also find Bugsy's Club there, a real-money poker room with lots of good tournament action and "Leagues" where you can win additional cash.

Wilson Software
The makers of the Turbo series of software.  Highly recommended for practice and training. (Wilson products are also available at good prices from Conjelco)

Online Cardrooms

Paradise Poker
Paradise Poker is the granddaddy of all online poker rooms.  The play-money games are pretty wild.  For that matter, so are the real-money games. $2/$4 level is where the crazies start to fall away.  They recently added some new games: Pineapple, 5-Stud and 5-Draw.  These attract players who have no idea how to play them.  No-limit and tournaments are our favorite games here.

Party Poker
Party Poker has good low-stakes real money no limit and pot limit games, as well as a pretty good selection of tournaments.

Planet Poker / MCU
Planet Poker includes an online cardroom of indifferent quality.  But the Mike Caro Universty section of the site is a great resource to read up on strategy from Mike's... "unique" perspective.

True Poker
Soft games.  Weird interface.  You decide.

Ultimate Bet
Play money no-limit.  I wouldn't send these guys any real money, if I were you.  Unless your idea of fun No-Limit is to have to call all-in every hand against everything from 72o to AA.

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